Alfabeto con películas| Alphabet with films

Encontré unas hermosas imágenes buscando ilustrar los post que hice para mi top 101 de actores, tantísimas que me daba tristeza no poder incluir todas, pero supuse que ya encontraría razones o excusas para usarlas después. Entre ellas estos posters del Alfabeto ilustrado por películas de los50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s y 2000’s me pareció genial!! Algunas de las películas las pude reconocer inmediatamente otras la verdad aun no tanto.| I found a lot of beautiful images searching photos to my past post of my top 101 actors, so lot than even put me sad because I couldn’t include all of them, but I supposed that I could fine a reason or a excuse to use them. Between all this alphabet with films posters flirted me! Some of these movies I recognized almost immediately others truly not so.   

A – Attack of the 50 ft woman
C – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
F – Forbidden Planet
J  – Jailhouse Rock
K – King and I
N – Never say Never Again

S – Seven Year itch
T – Ten Commandments
W – Wild one

A – Alfie
F – Fistful of dollars
G – Graduate
H – Help
L – Lolita
M – Mary Poppins
P – Planet of Apes
S – Sound of music
Y – You only live twice

A – Apocalypse now
C – Clockwork Orange
E – Enter the Dragon
J – Jaws
K – Kramer vs Kramer
M – Mad Max
O – One flew over the cucco’s nest
R – Rocky
S – Shaft
T – Taxi Driver

B – Back to the Future
C – Coming to America
D – Dirty Dance
E – E. T.
F – Flight of the navigator
G – Ghostbusters
H – Honey, I Shrunk the kids
I – Indiana Jones
K – Karate Kid
L – Labyrinth
N – Nightmare on Elm Street
R – Rambo
X – Xanadu
Z- Zelig

A – Austin Powers
D – Dumb and Dumber
E – Edward Scissors hands
G – Ghost
H – Home Alone
I – Interview with the vampire
J – Junior
L – Look who’s talking
M – Men in Black
N – Nutty Professor
P – Pulp Fiction
Q – Quiz show
S – Speed
T – Trainspotting
U – Usual Suspects
W – Wayne’s World
X – X- Files
Z – Zorro Mask

A – Amelie
B – Brokeback mountain
C – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
D – Devil Wears Prada
E – Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
G – Gangs of New York
H – Harry Potter
I – Ilussionist
J – Juno
K – Kill Bill
L – Lord of the Rings
M – Meet the Parents
N – Napoleon Dynamite
P – Phone call
Q – Queen
R – Road to perdition
S – Shaun of the dead
U – Unbreakeble
V – V from Vendetta
W – Wrestler
X – X- Men
Z – Zoolander

¿Qué tan cinéfilos son? | How cinephile are you?



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